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MSM  (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is a odorless dietary metabolite of DMSO, This naturally occurring bio-active form of sulfur provides anti-inflammatory relief. MSM is available for sulfur containing amino acids, collagen and disulfide bonds. It is useful for skin, hair, nails, joints, circulation, immune function and respiration. .

In about 1975, Herschler began research with MSM. It appeared that this fraction of the original was the element that produced long-term beneficial effects. Herschler 's research revealed that MSM is the prime source of bio-available sulfur. Furthermore, because of sulfur's fragility, most animals and humans are sulfur deficient. "MSM Herschler says, is shy, evasive, and escape-prone. While not a problem within the marine life food chain, there is a problem in the terrestrial environment. While present naturally when food is very fresh, it can be driven out of any food by even moderate processing, i.e. cutting and drying, cooking. People, generally speaking, will be sulfur-deficient unless they eat fish and meat raw and their vegetables unwashed and uncooked."

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 To help you live a longer healthy life and maintain optimum health and wellness. Geriatric age will be addressed in the coming millennium with global significance. You and your grandchildren could live to see 150+ years old. Many of the nutrients will complement these technologies. Methylsulfonylmethane is one of these important and necessary foundation nutrients for everyone's physiological needs and to maintain optimum quality of life.

Our MSM contains only premium quality, pure Methylsulfonylmethane, no additives, no anti-caking ingredients.

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